This page primarily contains resources pertaining to Commissions of the Washington Council.  If you are looking for event information, visit our home page.

College Transfer Advisors Workshops

The Commission on College Transfer Advisors Workshops promotes the smooth transition of transfer students from associate degree awarding colleges to baccalaureate degree awarding universities and coordinate college transfer advisors workshops. 

Diversity and Equity

The Diversity and Equity Commission encourages outreach, access and equity for all students. It will assist and advise the Association and general membership on statewide issues and needs of underrepresented and traditionally underserved students (to include but not be limited to ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, economic disadvantage, disabilities, and first generation college students). The commission will work to promote, reinforce and encourage the efforts of the aforementioned student groups in order to maximize their participation in post-secondary education. Members will assist other commissions in the preparation of resource publications and the development, facilitation and/or implementation of workshops and other programs they deem relevant and appropriate.

Dual Credit Options

The Dual Credit Options Commission promotes the smooth transition of high school students who access various dual credit enrollment programs where high school students are eligible to earn higher education credit. This commission will work with other commissions to assure that program information is included at Council workshops, events and in publications.

The primary purpose of the Dual Credit Commission is to provide awareness of the dual credit programs available to high school students within the state of Washington.  With an emphasis on student success and access, the Commission facilitates the exchange of information among high school counselors and administrators, 2-year and 4-year colleges and others with vested interest. 

The Dual Credit Commission is not responsible for establishing guidelines or policy related to dual credit programs.

General Membership

The Washington Council for High School-College Relations operates for educational purposes, and is organized to assist all Washington State students to access and engage in post-secondary opportunities at its member institutions. For more information on qualifications for membership, please consult the Washington Council BYLAWS.

Board of Directors consists of both elected and appointed individuals, representing the Washington Council member institutions, organizations, associations, and agencies.

Washington Council Members are institutions based in the state of Washington, including high schools, regionally accredited colleges and universities, agencies, and associations.

Staff of Member Institutions who are not appointed or elected to the Board are welcome to participate in Council activities in a number of ways, including attending council events or assisting on commissions. They may not, however, be eligible to fully participate in Board activities.

High School Counselor Workshops

The workshops provide updated information to high school counselors. Held in nine locations throughout the state in September, counselors hear current information from your year public and private universities, updates from OSPI, WSAC, network with fellow counselors, and have the opportunity for Q & A.

Publications and Communications

The Publications and Communications Commission will publish the Higher Education Book and other publications approved by the Board of Directors. It will also establish policies and procedures for editing, printing, distributing, and promoting Council publications.

Tours/Fairs: 8th Grade College Exploration Day

The 8th Grade College Exploration Day Commission develops, maintains and schedules appropriate, content, speakers and schedule sites. The purpose of the event is to provide opportunities for 8th grade students to explore higher education opportunities and financial literacy.

The high-energy events stress to eighth grade students the need to take control and make the best use of their high school experience. The goal is that each student will develop the mindset they will attend college. Students participate in individual tracks that take them through a series of group sessions. The sessions are designed to show why high school is important and how to get involved with the many opportunities available in higher education.

Tours/Fairs: College Planning Day

The College Planning Day commission develops, maintains, and schedules appropriate tours. The purpose of the tours is to promote higher education opportunities offered by members of the Association and provide a one-stop opportunity for your high school sophomores, juniors, and undecided seniors to learn about Washington State’s higher education options.

Tours/Fairs: Transfer Fair

The Transfer Fair commission develops, maintains, and schedules the fairs. The college fairs are held from September- November at 30+ Washington State Community and Technical Colleges each year, the intended purpose is to assist students with questions and information about transferring to our state’s four-year colleges. Evening fairs are also hosted for local high school students and their parents at some locations.