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Welcome to ICRC

The Intercollege Relations Commission is a unit of the Washington Council on High School College Relations. The Commission was formed in 1970 as a successor to the Commission on College and University Relations.

Our goal is to facilitate transfer between institutions for all students pursuing baccalaureate degrees in Washington State. Our members meet twice per year for the purpose of information dissemination and education. In addition, ICRC works closely with the Washington Student Achievement Council (formerly, Higher Education Coordinating Board), Council of Presidents, Articulation & Transfer Council, Joint Transfer Council (formerly, Joint Access Oversight Group), the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, and other groups when needed to assist with projects related to transfer articulation and higher education legislation.

Membership is comprised of representatives appointed by the presidents of all public baccalaureate universities and community and technical colleges, as well as many independent colleges and universities in Washington State.

2021-2022 Meeting Info

Winter 2022 Meeting: Thursday, February 10 from 9 a.m to Noon (8:30 a.m. meet and greet)

Details and registration link coming soon!

Fall 2021 Meeting: Thursday, October 14

Fall 2021 Agenda

Fall 2021 minutes

Meeting Materials:





ICRC 2020-21 Meeting Info

Spring 2021: Thursday, April 15



Meeting Materials:

Joint Transfer Council Transfer Asset Flow Document and Roles and Responsibilities Document and PPT:

State Board for Community and Technical Colleges PPT

Council of Presidents PPT

Independent Colleges of WA PPT

OAR Committee PPT

Fall 2020 meeting info:

Fall 2020 Agenda

Fall 2020 Minutes

Council of Presidents

Independent Colleges of Washington

Joint Transfer Council

State Board for Community & Technical Colleges

Ongoing Articulation Review Committee

Save the Date: Thursday, April 15 for the Spring 2021 virtual meeting

There will be more information to come in early 2021, and please contact the ICRC Executive Board Chair with any questions or comments.